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Complete supplier quotes without emails, calls and numerous spreadsheets

The quest for balance between cost and quality is a mantra at companies. This is true both for internal processes and for those coming from different sources, reflecting directly on purchases. As a result, supplier quotes must follow a strategic logic, where suppliers must specify not only prices, but other information that is part of an ideal scenario and help in the decision process. The issue is to put this into practice in an assertive manner, regardless of the number of potential partners and demand complexity.

Many companies still face difficulties because they perform quotes manually. After defining what they need, they contact suppliers by email or phone to send demands and collect responses. Proposals, in turn, are placed in spreadsheets or other file formats.

Thus, the process is susceptible to some problems, especially when we talk about more complex cases. The most immediate issue is related to the time it takes professionals to analyze numerous responses from multiple suppliers. It is necessary to analyze each proposal in detail and verify if they match the purchase objectives.

The consequence of this is to mobilize an entire team for bureaucratic and cumbersome work, which can result in errors and loss of good business opportunities. Something important may end up being lost amid countless emails and spreadsheets.

Lack of supplier quotes optionsĀ 

Another problem caused by this manual work is limitation of the supplier horizon. If the time to make quotes is too long, restricting options to a few companies ends up being an easier solution, as it reduces the demand for resources to be applied in the process.

Along with this, there is a risk of being dependent on some suppliers, with whom there is a relationship and the trust that they will meet all the stipulated requirements. At first, this may seem like a good thing, but, deep down, it hides a problem. The company stops looking for other partners that may offer higher quality and better costs. Once again, opportunities are lost.

Much more agile management

Now, imagine a solution that manages this entire process in a platform where customers post the demand and request suppliers to present their proposals. This is the Sourcing solution offered by Neogrid, which makes quotes much faster, organized and assertive.

On the platform, the customer defines the level of detail for the demand and adds questions for suppliers, scrutinizing everything they need to know to make a choice and establishing ideal purchasing scenarios.

From that moment, the tool does the rest of the work in an automated manner. Applicants are notified of the quote and access the tool to register their responses. Confirmations are made automatically, without the need to call or send emails.

Data are processed and an evaluation of the best proposals is provided, based on the level of detail established. As soon as a supplier reaches the ideal purchasing scenario, the customer is notified.

Buyers save time and costs with operational activities and can focus on strategy and analysis of information received from suppliers. And it can be done in 17 languages, with a custom template, meeting specific needs and without a supplier limit.

Do you want to learn more about the Sourcing solution? Contact Neogrid. We are available to answer all your questions and show you how we can streamline your company’s purchasing process.

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