IoT Makes the Supply Chain Responsive

NeoGrid Vice President of Product, Paris Gogos recently became a blogger for EBN. His first post describes how using IoT makes the supply chain responsive.

Today’s supply chain needs to be responsive to consumers’ ever-changing needs. This is where the Internet of Things (IoT) comes into play.

Today’s consumers are demanding in terms of when, where, and how products and services are made available to them. So, the supply chain needs to be responsive and have the ability to seamlessly trigger actions and responses. This is where the Internet of Things (IoT) comes into play.

In terms of its transformational capability, IoT has great potential within the supply chain. The technology’s inherent decide and response mechanism allows supply chains to better understand what is going on and respond appropriately. IoT provides companies with a granular, real-time, and accurate data source about its customers and potential customers. With a reliable data source, companies can develop smarter, more agile supply chains.

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