Digital Supply Chain Grid

Leveraging the Digital Supply Chain Grid

NeoGrid Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales Engineering, Paris Gogos recently had an article published on EBN Online. His article describes how to leverage the digital supply chain grid in order to be more agile and recognize and respond to changes in consumer trends in real-time.

Today, the data and technology is available to help manufacturers and their suppliers, retailers and distributors break down data silos that have traditionally been a road block to an agile supply chain. With sophisticated, cloud-based supply chain management (SCM) solutions, businesses can create a centralized data repository that provides users with a consolidated data view.

Using a cloud-based SCM solution gives businesses the tools and data needed to not only optimize processes within its own four walls, but throughout the supply chain.

By leveraging the digital supply chain grid, manufacturers, distributors and retailers can break away from outdated orthodoxies and achieve true supply chain collaboration. As everyone works with consistent data and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), they can more easily operate under a demand-driven, pull-based model.

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