On-shelf availability

Improving On-shelf Availability

While attending this year’s Gartner event, NeoGrid Vice President of Product, Paris Gogos was featured in a SupplyChainBrain video titled, “Why Retailers Can’t Ensure On-shelf Availability.” In the interview, Gogos explains the reality of on-shelf availability and how retailers can achieve it.

There’s a gap of seven to 10 percent that lack of on-shelf availability. The way we believe the industry needs to make progress towards closing that gap is to treat the issue by understanding the root cause and addressing them preventively and proactively rather than reactively.

The manufacturers and distributors have to balance between having the inventory in a place where it is available for sale in a variety of stores. A piece of inventory in a single location can only be sold in that store, whereas, if you hold the inventory in a centralized distribution center with a responsive system, a piece of inventory has the opportunity to be sold in multiple stores. 

Watch the full interview here.

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