Use Demand Activation Distribution to analyze sales of your products at distributors

A good deal is based on the amount of information the sales representative has about your customer, right? The more prepared, the better the sales pitch used for the POS to buy more products, in proper quantities and varieties.

And in order to have all this information accessible, it is important that the intelligence team uses effective tools for compiling and granulating data. Extracting in depth the sales outlook of distributors, it is much easier for sales representatives to understand the scenario of their customers and outline the best strategies.

Fortunately, there is a particularly interesting tool that allows intelligence professionals to obtain highly granular data to assist in action planning for sales representatives, when it comes to understanding product performance in the indirect channel.

That tool is Demand Activation Distribution.

Understand how to analyze product performance

The Indirect Viewer platform can undoubtedly help the work of the intelligence team, which needs to compile data in an accurate and intuitive way to improve sales team negotiations.

In Indirect Viewer, there is the Category Management panel. In it, the intelligence team checks the product mix status at POS’s in recent months. For each distributor customer, that is, each POS, a Top 5 is assigned, with the products that performed best.

Therefore, the intelligence team is able to present the top products of each region to sales managers and supervisors. This list can even be exported to Excel, to facilitate distribution to those professionals in charge of the process.

These data allow sales teams to also understand the differences between regions and seasonality, two indicators that can positively or negatively influence the performance of specific products.

Understanding these details, the perception and definition of strategies are clearer when it comes to offering a new product mix or increasing the demand for a certain merchandise in a specific period.

It is worth emphasizing that the Category Management dashboard can be used by the intelligence team to supply both the sales team, as it shows the products with better assertiveness, and the trade team, which can granulate the products even more and verify out-of-stocks and the moment prior to their unavailability.

Interesting, right? Indirect Viewer allows several other possibilities that I invite you to discover.

Click this link and understand how the platform will help the intelligence team to extract more granulate and accurate data, benefiting the work of all professionals directly involved in sales and supply.

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