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Why More and More Companies Purchase Software via the Internet

Have you ever thought about purchasing software for your company on the internet, optimizing your time, without having to schedule several meetings with sales reps to understand how to use the tool? Yes, this is possible with e-commerce, an industry that is already a reality in the country also for B2B (business to business) transactions.

Safety and ease of purchase in the electronic commerce provide advantages such as access to the trial version before making the investment. This favors testing, which ensures that the tool meets your company’s requirements. In short: the purchase process is much more streamlined and provides greater autonomy for your decision.

Learn about the three options available for purchasing software over the internet, according to names given by the research institute Gartner:

  • Open Source: The system is supplied with basic functions only and requires customization to meet your business’ specific requirements. In this option, the company downloads an open source code and hires a programmer to install and adapt the solution.
  • On-Premises: In this option, the company buys the license to use the software program directly from a developer in the market and needs to hire a vendor for hosting and infrastructure. In this case, the solution provider has an access code for each client.
  • SaaS (Software as a Service): The solution is available over the Internet and the payment is carried out according to the service offered. The software vendor is responsible for the structure such as servers, firewall for information security and also ensures connectivity. Its advantages are greater cost-benefit ratio, and there is no need to pay for development, new installation or migration to a newer version.

E-commerce software has also been adapting itself to forms of payment that will best suit your company. It also allows safe navigation, which makes it possible to purchase software according to the need of your business, in simple steps. Another advantage is to provide online support during the purchase, to answer any question you may have, so that the transaction is carried out painlessly.

It is worth remembering that software purchases over the Internet range from simple solutions to more robust and complete technological tools that allow, for example, to give visibility and improve inventory management, aimed at reducing retail out-of-stock, for example. Stay tuned to the opportunities e-commerce B2B can bring to your company. It is an increasingly practical alternative that optimizes your time.

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